AR Smart Glasses need to be comparable to normal glasses in respect of size, weight and esthetics. By using Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) the optical engine i.e. the image projector can be miniaturized down to sizes of 1cc only, allowing smart integration into the glasses temples.

In contrast to 2D microdisplays like LCoS, DLP or µOLED the size of the LBS optical engine is not directly scaling with display performance i.e. luminance, field of view and angular resolution. So far single laser packages of TO-can type have been used for each color red, green and blue.

We present a compact package containing the laser diodes chips of all three colors. This RGB laser module combines all the necessary features for a robust and small form factor light source (surface mountable, hermetically sealed etc.). By choosing appropriate power classes for the single mode laser diodes the module can be used for both waveguide combiner and direct retina scanning optical architectures. Beside the optical power also the geometrical arrangement of the colors can be optimized according to the needs of the system integrator.

Original presentation SPIE AR VR MR, 2021:

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