As members of the AR Alliance, we are part of a robust supply chain that tomorrow’s viable augmented reality market will require.

Through the AR Alliance, we will build the augmented reality market together. Experts in the trenches of AR development can trade lessons learned and market experiences, bounce ideas off one another, explore what’s working and what isn’t, and have the opportunity to create partnerships. The AR Alliance also will provide a unified, balanced voice across the rapidly evolving ecosystem of developers, both evangelizing AR advancement beyond our companies and facilitating open innovation among them. It also will serve as a voice for the industry through influencing and shaping the emerging and developing standards and regulatory requirements.

The AR Alliance is open to any organization developing hardware for AR—of course, hardware also encompasses the associated software, firmware and algorithms that are a critical element. We grew out of the “LaSAR Alliance,” which was founded in 2021 to establish an ecosystem for laser-beam scanning. LaSAR Alliance was very successful. We accomplished what we set out to achieve. Our transformation into the AR Alliance now allows us to serve the more diverse range of companies across the expanding, global AR ecosystem. It now includes all display technologies.

This is an organization for the people, by the people—an organization where members directly join in concrete work to harmonize approaches and accelerate innovation. The AR Alliance exists to provide a supportive and neutral environment for companies and organizations of all sizes to take an active role in advancing and strengthening the diverse AR hardware development ecosystem. I am thankful to be here with you, and I am excited about all that is ahead of us.

Bharath Rajagopalan
Chair, AR Alliance, and Director of Strategic Marketing, STMicroelectronics